Differentiating your product and brand from the competition in a crowded marketplace could be a challenging task. One of the ways to make your print product stand out is enhancing its visual effects. This can be achieved through the use of paper coatings.

Coatings Canada offers over 20 types of paper coating applications, allowing us to meet almost every coating and lamination need. Whether your project requires the simplest or most complex functionality, we can offer a coating combination that will meet your requirements.

Our clients represent a wide range of industries, and their products include, but are not limited to, commercial print, magazine and book covers, catalogues, labels, banners and posters, business cards, and different types of packaging.

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  • UV Coatings

    UV coating is one of the most effective finishing solutions. It enhances the vibrancy and richness of colours and makes great visual impression. UV coating is a process whereby a polymer resin changes from a liquid to a solid with the help of an ultraviolet light source. UV coating can be a direct replacement for lamination and provides a protective covering that adds value to any product.

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  • Film Lamination

    Lamination is a process that involves bonding a thin, transparent film — typically, polypropylene, polyester, or nylon — to the surface of the press sheet or other substrate.
    Film lamination process offers a variety of options to choose from.
    People generally opt for lamination to protect the print products from wear and tear.

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