Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an Aqueous coating (AQ) be applied to the printed sheet before any specialty coating such as Film Lamination, overall UV or Spot UV is applied?
Yes, as long as the AQ applied is compatible to Film/UV coating and our specification requirements are followed. Specifications are: 1/2″ gripper free of image and AQ, and 1/4″ on the other 3 sides free of image and AQ.
2. What type of file is required for Spot UV process?
We require an imposed PDF file with a file size under 25MB. If the file is larger it can be retrieved from an FTP site.
3. Do you provide a dry erase lamination?
Yes, Gloss OPP film lamination is dry erasable.
4. Do you offer coating or lamination process that can be glued?
Yes, Mylar Gloss, Matte Scuff Resistant OPP, OPP Velvet, and OPP Gloss can be glued.
5. Which is process should be done first - foil stamping, embossing or lamination?
Our recommendation would be to print, foil stamp, laminate and then emboss. Testing is recommended if foil stamping has to be applied on film lamination.
6. Can lamination be applied to half the sheet?
No, we are not able to laminate half a press sheet. A work and turn press sheet should be cut in half. If AQ has been applied, the specification requirements should be followed: 1/2″ gripper free of image and AQ, and 1/4″ on the other 3 sides free of image and AQ.

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