Layflat Gloss/Matte

Design Considerations


8 to 24 pt. coated stock is recommended. This coating is recommended for products in which humidity variations are likely to occur. For best results, coated stocks are recommended over uncoated stocks.

Alternative Processes

For a similar appearance to Lay-flat Gloss, you may wish to consider Mylar High Gloss Film Lamination.
OPP Matte Film Lamination has a similar appearance to Lay-flat Matte.

General Coating and Lamination Processes

Offset spray should be kept to a minimum. Low-wax, non-bleeding inks should be used. Metallic inks are not recommended. Sufficient time should be given for ink to dry before applying coating. Rhodamine red, reflex blue and purple should be avoided if possible.

Your ink supplier can recommend inks, or call us for a complementary test and recommendations.

For best results, Lay-flat is recommended to be applied on one side only.

Product Specifications

 Maximum Sheet Size
30" x 40"
 Minimum Sheet Size
10.5" x 13"*
 Gripper Edge
0.5" (0.25" on other 3 sides)
 Minimum Paper Weight
100 lb.
 Maximum Board Thickness
24 pt.

Summary of Coatings Characteristics

 Abrasion Resistance
 Chemical Resistance
Very Good
 Colour Fidelity
Layflat Gloss - Yes
Layflat Matte - No

Environmental Impact



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