Design Considerations


7 to 24 pt. coated stock is recommended for this process. 100 lb. coated stocks can be used; however, some curling may be experienced depending on the stock being used. A heavier coated stock of 100 lb. or more will have a greater resistance to curling, especially if coated on both sides.

Complementary Processes

Spot UV can be used in conjunction with treated OPP Matte Film Lamination.

Alternative Processes

For a comparable finish to OPP Gloss, you may wish to choose Mylar High Gloss Film Lamination.
For alternative matte coatings, you may wish to consider Lay-flat Matte or Mylar Matte Film Lamination.

General Coating and Lamination Processes

Offset spray should be kept to a minimum. Low-wax, non-bleeding inks should be used. Metallic inks are not recommended. Sufficient time must be allowed for inks to dry before a coating is applied.

Rhodamine red, reflex blue and purple should be avoided if possible. Your ink supplier can recommend inks, or call us for a complementary test and recommendations.

OPP Matte and OPP Gloss can be applied on one or two sides.

Product Specifications

 Maximum Sheet Size
30" x 40"
 Minimum Sheet Size
10.5" x 13"
 Gripper Edge
0.5" (0.25" on other 3 sides)
 Minimum Paper Weight
100 lb.
 Maximum Board Thickness
24 pt.

Summary of Coatings Characteristics

 Abrasion Resistance
 Chemical Resistance
Very Good
 Colour Fidelity

Environmental Impact



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